Why you should never emulate pop music

1 min readOct 14, 2018

I’m going to speak as a musician first, and then I’m going to speak as a person.

Pop music has some pretty standard affects. In many ways, and it has been said before, it is music by committee based on popular trends.

It’s well accepted by many professional communities that change in popular culture happens incrementally. You take the popular paradigm, add something new, but not so much so that it requires a lot of thought to accept.

Timeless albums, for me, have never been pop albums.

If you create music where you are looking to emulate music that is recursive emulation, you’re already hampering your ability to create.

Want to be a successful musician? Copy.

Want to be a good musician? Discard and create.

As a person, do you really want to aspire to wear clothing and have values that were determined to be acceptable by a corporate committee?

Fuck no.